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Akashi BBQ (明石焼肉) @ Puchong – Japanese Charcol BBQ Reasonable Price

If you are looking for reasonable informal Japanese food, this Akashi BBQ in Puchong is the one for you.

Unlike other Japanese BBQ restaurant (we call it ‘Yakiniku’ 日式焼肉) the price here is very reasonable. Yet the taste is fairly good. My friends and I, also native Japanese often come here, Akashi BBQ in Puchong.


Flags in Japanese. Reminds me home.

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Not fancy restaurant, local rural style.


We like this too, you can eat outside.

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Charcoal BBQ. Charcoal is the best, far nice than pan-fried. Initially you need to cook on your own, like western BBQ, though staff also helps you when it’s not busy, like early evening.

We Japanese are used to do it by ourself, because in Japan you cook your own. Though it’s normally on the table.

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Meat is mainly beef, pork (non-haral), lamb etc. Also they have other side dishes like vegetable salad, Kimchis (Korean fermented spicy Chinese carrage) and noodles.

They also serve alcohol, which is quite reasonable too. We often drink beer but also Nihonshu (日本酒) or Sake (酒). Cold Sake is good as this is tropical climate Malaysia, though I believe they also serve hot one (Atsukan 熱燗).


Cold Nihonshu, or Sake.

The price range is roughly around Rm40, if you go 4-5 persons group, and order alcohols. It’s not the first class top notch Japanese BBQ, but value for money, I do recommend it 👍



Akashi BBQ (赤石)

Address & Map

Jalan Layang-Layang 147100 Puchong

Price Range
RM30-50 (it varies depends on you consume alcohol, what to order)


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