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5 Tips to reduce office work fatigue and hard work stress

Here is my tips to reduce daily work stress and release work tiredness. Just my case. I know it’s very small matters though, better than doing nothing.

1. Joined (Changed to) new Gym

My old gym was badly maintained and I got to dislike going it (worldwide chain gym though) so I put a bit more extra money to change to better gym.

This is the right decision; now I enjoy everyday, looking forward to go to gym everyday, which makes my days better and better. Of course I get health benefit to for excercise. It also dismiss stress and depressive feeling from stress, too.

2. ‘Me Time’ and ‘Mini Excersise Time’ instead of ‘Lunch Time’ at office

8 hours continuous computer work is very tough to me. My eyes and brains get drained. Sitting and not moving for 8 hours continuously killing me (except coffee or toilet breaks which is just a short). Only free time during working hours is 1 hour lunch time.

So, what I started to do is skipping my lunch.

I still eat a bit, but use only for short time. I use the rest time for walking around, drafting article for my Japanese web media. Good to manage slight excercise to break 8 hours non-moving work too. I also get diet benefit too with eating less.

To reduce the fatigue from work, I do mini-strech every hour also. I tend to forget this as my work is extreme busy, but should not forget.

3. Replenishing / Eating good food

Not forgetting taking supplement, and hydrate enough water and fruid myself. I drink Yakult regularly too.

Good food helps combatting work fatigue and give good feeling. Well balanced food in nutrition helps good health regardless to say.

4. Give myself treats

I’m trying not to discipline myself too much, so not forgetting giving me treats such as;

– Massage or Spa
– Weekend nice meal
– Beer and Wine (wine is less as expensive)
– Travel (Planning of it is also part of fun!)


5. Plan future business while working

I can get suffered from strees because of just looking at ‘now’. I should see blight future, then this time now is just a process and path to get there.

I realise the importance that I plan and prepare for my future business. Doing lots of brainstorming now, think about a project from what I can earn my bread.

Happy Working, being happy!