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Kar Heong(家香) @ Subang (SS15 / SS18) – Ipoh style chicken rice

This chicken rice place is Ipoh style steam (also roast) chicken restaurant、Kar Heong(家香). Also, they have Kampung chicken, Roast Pork and koey teow, mee etc. as well.

One difficulty in regards to this place is that it is hard to find a parking spot. Unfortunately, there is only limited space. I sometimes come here for lunch with colleagues as my office is close, but often it is difficult to find a space to park the car.

The location is near SS15, in between SS15 and SS18. You can also come by LRT (approx 10 mins walk). I recommend using Grab, to save the need for parking.

The restaurant provides 2 stories of dining areas. This provides enough tables and space. There are many different kinds of dishes on the menu. Also, you can also select from the different parts of the chicken.

For me, I always choose the breast and often prefer steam chicken to the roast. Both are nice though. The roast pork is also nice. (Photos will be added later)

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I’m always tempted to order koey teow as that’s my favorite. And my preference is to have chicken with rice. Because the rice is very tasty too.

It may be unfair to compare it to my favorite Ipoh style chicken place, which is in Penang. Though for the Subang area it is tasty enough.


Not far from Sunway Pyramid mall.

There are two tasty bak kut teh places nearby too. (I will post one day in the near future)


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