Food - Japanese

Kin San kichi @ Sri Hartamas – Homemade Japanese Restaurant

I often walked pass by this Japanese Restoran, but never had chance to try there – Kun San Kichi (錦三吉).

My mental block was working like ‘Must be non authentic Japanese with very high price’, but I was totally wrong.

Actually I found this Japanese restaurant offers authentic taste with reasonable price. For Lunch promotion, you can have only have it from around RM12.

I thought the picture showed a lot of salmon sashimi, I ordered Salmon don to give it a go.

Yes, it has a lot of Salmon Sashimi…! Big volume, and salmon so delicious. They use pieces of strips of salmon, I guess that’s why reasonable. Portion itself is big too.

Tried Yakiniku Don too, RM11 only for lunch promotion.