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Comprehensive step by step guide for paying parking fine summons online in PJ Malaysia (MBPJ)

I got a summon from MBPJ, I did not realise I got ticketed as it was parking space with no yellow line and signboard. MBPJ rubish services is doing very good job making money. I complaint to them it was not on the road, no yellow line, but it did not work.

I asked my colleagues, one of them said he never pays summons, it’s ok not to pay, just leave it. He showed me his summon record online, he did not pay like 10 times the last few years. Another Malaysian friend also said to me that no need to pay.

It seems like many Malaysian people don’t pay their parking summons. Surprised. I was also surprised that there was discount promotion is held sometimes…!

Anyway, I still decided to pay on time. I don’t like me having outstanding stuff, also I’m a foreigner not Malaysian, who never know who and when kicking me out from Malaysia.

I was successful to pay and settle my summon, so I decided to make a step by step guide how to pay parking fine. Perhaps it would be useful for expats who have cars and got ticketed. (I also write Japanese article separately)

1. Access to MBPJ e-Services, click the banner (squared red)

2. Click ‘Dafter Akaun’ (Create Account) at the bottom


3. Filled required field, then click ‘Hantar’ (Enter)


4. Enter IC/Passport number and password


5. Redirected to Log-in screen (if not, access below again)


6. After Logged in, select ‘Carian’ (Search) from the left menu


7. Select ‘Kompaun’ (compound) on the left, and ‘No. Plet Kenderaan’ (Car number plate) on the right

And type your veichle number plate at the field painted red, and click ‘Semak’ (Check)


8. Check the details


Original summon shows the fine as RM100, but it’s discounted here within a week since the issue date. RM30, meaning 70% discount.

‘Belum Bayar’ means, ‘not paid yet’. Click ‘Tambah ke Bayaran’ (Add to payment).

9. Check and confirm details

Check and confirm the details, and then click ‘Seterusnya’ (Next)


10. Check the personal information and select card payment

Check the personal information already there, and select ‘Kad credit/Kad Debit’ (Card Payment). And then check below tick box for terms and condition, click ‘Seterusnya’ (Next).

MBPJ-card MBPJ-tnc

When proceed to next page, small pop up appears. This says, ‘Are you sure to continue?’ so click ‘OK’.


11. Redirected to Payment page (Visa or Master)


Choose whether Visa or Master. Mine is Mastercard, so choosed Master. Fill in card information and click ‘Pay’ right bottom.

Mine is Maybank & 3D authentication…and payment done!!

Status changed to ‘Telah Bayar’ (Already Paid), then completed!!


This is only applicable in PJ and summon is issued by MBPJ. So I am not sure about other area.

Hope this helps!