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Uncle Soon @ Subang Jaya – Delicious Fried Rice

I finally managed to go to Uncle Soon’s Fried Rice.

I heard the good reputation from local Malaysians, always wanted to go but always there was a long queue.

They recently opened branch inside food court just in front of Sunway University, it’s located on the corner near the Uni entrance.


It was public holiday near the uni, though I waited for about 20 mins.

Finally came. Delicious! Gentle tastyness. I don’t taste any MSG. Natural taste. And not oily. Lots prawns.


There are few kinds. Pork Char Siu, Prawn, and both of them. There might have been more, I remmebered these three.

Worth to try at least once.


There are two branches as long as I know. The head restaurant is below in SS15. Near famous Ooi Noodle house.

The one I went was right in front of Sunway University, inside below 128 foodcourt, near Rock Cafe.


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